Gariwerd Wimmera Reconciliation Network Incorporated (GWRN) was incorporated in January 2020.  Our vision is: 

The Gariwerd and Wimmera cultural landscapes, communities and visitors are strengthened by respectful and enduring relationships between Traditional Owners and non-indigenous people. We acknowledge our true history, celebrate Culture, Country and knowledge, and support Traditional Owners’ self-determination, so we can proudly share a future together.

The purposes of the Association are to—

  1. Build respectful and enduring relationships between members and Traditional Owners of the Gariwerd and Wimmera cultural landscapes.
  2. Provide members with opportunities to learn about reconciliation, and what Country and Culture means to Traditional Owners.
  3. Engage with recreational user groups and other relevant stakeholders to promote reconciliation.
  4. Respect and promote the cultural values and heritage of Traditional Owners and the laws that protect them.

Why become a member?

  • To show your support for the reconciliation movement and protection of cultural heritage in the Gariwerd and Wimmera landscapes 
  • To connect with other people that share a common vision of reconciliation and are interested in volunteering and working proactively towards reconciliation in the Gariwerd and Wimmera cultural landscapes.    
  • To be eligible to attend and contribute to member-only events and projects created by GWRN
  • To receive full access to educational material and opportunities

Membership requirements

People who support the vision and purposes of GWRN and would like to contribute by volunteering time and skills to the group are welcome to apply for membership.

By joining GWRN you:

  • Agree to support the vision and purposes of the organisation
  • Consider what actions you can take to learn about and be part of the reconciliation journey in the Gariwerd Wimmera area
  • Respect and promote the cultural values and heritage of Traditional Owners and the laws that protect them
  • Agree to work collaboratively and respectfully with each other, Traditional Owner partners and the broader community

Membership Process

Applications for membership are considered and must be approved by the GWRN Committee.  You will be advised of the outcome of your membership application as soon as practical after the Committee Decision.  Once the committee has approved your membership application, you will be directed to make your payment before your membership will be activated.

Membership Categories

General rights of members are outlined in the Association’s Rules.  By becoming a member of GWRN you will receive information about general meetings, events and opportunities for involvement.  

To be able to become a member entitled to vote, members must have skills and experience that furthers the purposes of the Association and have been a member for at least 12 months or nominated by at least two committee members.  Members entitled to vote are expected to be active volunteers within the Association. 

Members Register

Members can make a request that personal details (i.e. address, phone number) can be restricted from the register if there are special circumstances.  This request must be made in writing and approved by the Secretary.   

Membership Fee 

Membership fees are set each year. The membership fee for the 2020/2021 financial year is $10. 

Please make sure you have read the Member Rules before applying.

You can find out Privacy Policy here.

You can also offer financial support through our supporter program or a one-off donation