If you want to be part of a network of people that support and are committed to reconciliation in the Gariwerd and Wimmera areas we’d love to have you as a supporter. Supporters will receive updates from GWRN, information and access to reconciliation resources.  The yearly subscription contributions from supporters will help the work of the network. 

If you would rather not signup for a yearly subscription you can make a one off donation.

If you are looking at becoming an active member of GWRN that is willing to volunteer your time and contribute to the skills to the work of the network – read more about membership.

What will your contribution be used for?

Contributions will be used to fund our ongoing work, operations and projects to support reconciliation in Gariwerd and the Wimmera. All contributions will go towards furthering the vision and purposes of GWRN.

GWRN does not have deductible gift recipient status.