Our vision is that the Gariwerd and Wimmera cultural landscapes, communities and visitors are strengthened by respectful and enduring relationships between Traditional Owners and non-indigenous people. We acknowledge our true history, celebrate Culture, Country and knowledge, and support Traditional Owners’ self-determination, so we can proudly share a future together. 

A future that we can all be proud of is based on respectful and enduring relationships – hearing and respecting Traditional Owner voices – so that we can forge a positive path forward together. We hold great hope for reconciliation at the start of this journey. 

The purposes for GWRN are:

  1. Build respectful and enduring relationships between members and Traditional Owners of the Gariwerd and Wimmera cultural landscapes.
  2. Provide our members with opportunities to learn about reconciliation, and what Country and Culture means to Traditional Owners.
  3. Engage with recreational user groups and other relevant stakeholders to promote reconciliation.
  4. Respect and promote the cultural values and heritage of Traditional Owners and the laws that protect them.

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