Sport Climbing Victoria and Outdoors Victoria have produced a ‘Climbing Governance Review and Recommendations’ draft document for consultation with the climbing community for future governance and representation of outdoor recreational climbing. Both organisations have shown a strong desire to follow the reconciliation pathway and develop respectful relationships with Traditional Owners in order to move to a place where they can work alongside Traditional Owners while supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self determination.

We strongly support their efforts and their focus on listening and learning and creating a space for that relationship to grow. They are looking for feedback on the document from all members of the climbing community through the survey embedded in the document via a QR code (on page 39). We strongly encourage individuals from the climbing community to get behind this initiative and provide feedback. There is a clear need for a united governance and advocacy body to take the climbing community forward in a productive and respectful way.

Draft Document for Climbing Governance review and recommendation

Background details about the draft document