Gariwerd Wimmera Reconciliation Network with support from Reconciliation Victoria would like to bring together a collection of short videos with a positive reconciliation message. Given the current challenges the recreational community has been experiencing in the Gariwerd and Wimmera landscapes, we saw this as an opportunity to come together to promote unity and understanding.

We would like to invite interested members of the climbing community and other recreational users to submit a short video (between 30sec – 90sec, preferably <100mb ) talking about what reconciliation means to you. We will seek input from Local Traditional Owners with the goal to produce something which highlights the varied experience and celebrates all steps on the pathway towards reconciliation. Please record your video on any available device and email us a link to share the file or to organise other options at before September 30th.


If you would like to know what reconciliation means to us at GWRN check out our web page here: or there are plenty of great resources online including these: