We are a community resource, a place to share knowledge and learn from each other. Our conversations allow us to work through ideas and see other perspectives. Your participation counts, and the conversations we have here influence the future of our community engagement.Please use these guidelines to keep this a protected space to engage in civil public discussion.

Help each other learn by improving the discussionConsider whether what you want to say promotes good fellowship and informative discussion. Every reply should make an honest effort to respond to and build on conversation. If you’re not sure, think it over and try again later.

Be civil

  • Be civil. Don’t post anything that could reasonably be considered offensive, racist, abusive or hate speech. If you’re having trouble understanding how what you post might be considered any of the above send us a message.
  • Be respectful. Don’t post things that don’t show respect for Elders, ourselves, each other, different perspectives, young people and families.
  • Be clean. Don’t post anything sexually explicit or obscene
  • Keep it relevant. Don’t post anything that isn’t related to reconciliation.

Disagree agreeably

We welcome disagreement that criticises ideas, not people. Please avoid:

  • -name calling
  • ad hominem attacks
  • responses to the tone of writing, rather than the writer’s ideas
  • contradiction with little or no supporting evidence

You can find explanations of these types of disagreement and why they are not useful here.

Flag problems

If you see bad behaviour, don’t reply but do flag it by sending us a private message. Moderators reserve the right to remove any content at any time.