Code of Conduct for Non Committee Members involved in Subcommittees & Projects


This Code of Conduct applies to non-committee members of Gariwerd Wimmera Reconciliation Network (GWRN) who are involved in subcommittees or project work undertaken by GWRN. This code of conduct should be followed by members whenever they are:

  • working on GWRN business, either at home or in meetings, or:
  • attending GWRN events, or:
  • representing GWRN e.g., media engagements, delivering training, hosting events, meetings etc.

Upon appointment to a subcommittee or to a project, new members are required to familiarise themselves with the Rules of the Association, the Code of Conduct for Sub Committee and Project members, the Anti-Bullying, Harrassment and Discrimination Policy. It may also be a requirement to sign the Confidentiality agreement.

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Duty to act in good faith in the best interests of the GWRN
    1. Always act honestly, fairly, loyally, and with integrity, while displaying commitment to the purposes of the GWRN in all activities;
    2. Maintain respectful, courteous, and unbiased working relations, where everyone is treated respectfully and without harassment;
    3. Be familiar with GWRN’s purposes, and make decisions that guide the GWRN towards achieving these purposes;
    4. Understand and accept that part of a reconciliation led approach for resolving access issues for rock climbing or other recreational activities in Gariwerd and the Wimmera (including Dyurrite) may involve changes or restrictions to some recreational practices to ensure the protection of cultural values.
  1. Duty to act with reasonable care, skill and diligence as subcommittee or project member 
    1. Take the role as a subcommittee or project member seriously, making use of any appropriate skills and experience you have for the benefit of the GWRN;
    2. Understand the time commitment involved in being a subcommittee or project member involves (e.g., meeting the agreed work commitments, attending meetings, letting people know if you can’t attend a meeting etc);
    3. Give sufficient thought, time and energy to tasks undertaken for GWRN, and to the decisions you are required to make;
    4. Take responsibility for your actions, and always act with care and diligence in connection with GWRN business;
    5. Be aware of how one’s actions may be perceived in relation to upholding GWRN’s purposes, and clarify, where needed, whether an action is undertaken in your personal capacity or on behalf of GWRN;
    6. Engage with technology platforms in order to ensure prompt communication and information sharing;
    7. Exercise diligence in the fulfillment of subommittee or project member duties, and follow up on matters which have been committed to be done between meetings;
  1.  Duty not to misuse information or position
    1. Do not improperly use inside or confidential information, position or power to gain or seek to gain a benefit or an advantage either for yourself or for another person, or to cause detriment to the GWRN;
    2. Do not make unauthorised public comments or represent that you speak on behalf of GWRN if you have not been authorised to do so;
    3. Understand that all conversations are private and confidential within the GWRN Committee, subcommittees and project groups unless otherwise specified (noting GWRN rules do allow any member to request to see Committee minutes unless they are subject to rule 75(2));
    4. Follow proper computer, internet, social media and email usage to ensure information is securely stored, e.g., use strong passwords, use shared drives and technology platforms, and ask for IT support if you are unsure about how to use any technology systems;
    5. Respect personal and private communication by avoiding such things as taking screenshots of private messages and sharing them without permission from the sender.
  1. Duty to disclose and manage actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest (see Conflict of Interest Policy)
  1. Duty to promote safety and wellbeing
    1. Take reasonable care to ensure that risks/hazards are minimised to avoid injury or illness to me or others
    2. Perform my duties in a safe and competent manner in accordance with organisational health and safety policies and relevant laws
    3. Not attend GWRN activities/events/workplaces if unwell with a communicable illness. These illnesses include, but are not limited to COVID19, influenza, chicken pox, measles or shingles.

Version 1 Date Approved by GWRN Committee:  7 December 2020

Review Date: December 2023